A downloadable game for Windows

Made for the Global Game Jam 2018, this Horror / Adventure game is inspired by the myths around numbers stations.

By Bill Davies, Justine Knight, Fiona Shaw, Laurence Shaw, and Dave Terry

Requires directional sound, preferably headphones or surround.

Install instructions

unzip, then find .exe in 'release'


GreyNoise.zip 147 MB


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Not clear how to:

  • Find the codes for the doors
  • Use the radio
  • Unlock the safe

Also the easter egg didn't do anything.

Yeah, the game can be a bit obtuse. If we'd had more than a weekend to work on it, the next step would have been to make it more clear what you have to do =p.

To answer the first two points, once you've picked the radio up it's on and recieving. You need to explore the areas till you find a signal which should start giving you clues. If you move towards less static-y areas you should end up on the right track.